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Bronch Pilot is the revolutionary new line of mobile apps that is designed specifically for pulmonary fellows, chest physicians, and professionals in critical care.

About Bronch Pilot

For the past few years, SVS has been extensively working with medical institutions and medical professionals in the development of mobile apps, training software, and medical animations, having specialized in the areas of bronchoscopy and GI endoscopy.

From this experience, we cultivated a vision to offer more utility to medical professionals through mobile platforms. We have been working with Dr. George Eapen from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to develop Bronch Pilot, a series of virtual bronchial anatomy and bronchoscopy EBUS-TBNA training apps for medical professionals in pulmonology and critical care.

The Bronch Pilot mission is to help those who fight lung disease with mobile training tools. More information on Bronch Pilot apps is available at bronchpilot.com

Bronch Pilot ANATOMY

Bronch Pilot ANATOMY offers pulmonary fellows and trainees access to virtual bronchial anatomy references to strengthen perspective of internal bronchial anatomy, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The iPad app features a 3D map, and labels and definitions of airway structures.

Bronch Pilot ANATOMY


Bronch Pilot ANATOMY

Bronch Pilot EBUS-TBNA

Chest physicians and critical care professionals of all skill levels now have access to virtual EBUS-TBNA training at their convenience. Bronch Pilot EBUS-TBNA can be used for training, EBUS bronch navigation, TBNA sampling, and skills development. Individual cases, derived from real patients, enable users to train on specific procedures and sampling, including rare anomalies that may not otherwise be covered.

Bronch Pilot EBUS-TBN


Bronch Pilot EBUS-TBNA

Contact Us

We expect Bronch Pilot to be a lasting training solution for pulmonary fellows, chest physicians, and professionals in critical care. We welcome feedback from the medical community to continuously improve our apps. Please contact us at info@sharpvisionsoftware.com. Thank you.

SVS provides opportunities for medical device companies to feature their products on the Bronch Pilot apps. To feature your product on Bronch Pilot, please contact us at sales@sharpvisionsoftware.com. Thank you.

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